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When Bizarro first exploded onto the herbal incense spice scene, it swept through the USA and the world crushing all the other brands and quickly becoming the most popular Herbal Incense on the planet. Bizarro spice is one of the biggest selling brands in history for a reason and has left millions of people with a smile on their faces.



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Buy Bizarro Herbal Incense. Do you love the refreshing smell of blueberries?.Bizarro 5 t0 100g. If the answer is yes, then this Bizarro incense is the perfect one for you. Aromatic therapy works with the help of a variety of fragrances and aromas, which can heal the body and mind.

This incense comes with the promise of a unique blend of aromatic herbs and ingredients, giving off a natural and refreshing aroma every time you use it. In our daily lives, stress and tension are at their heights, we spend majority of our day at artificial claustrophobic places and hardly get to spend some time amidst nature. All we need to de-stress ourselves is a piece of nature, which comes with this Bizarro incense. It is one of its kind of potpourri incense that is available in the market today.

However, Its intense fragrance, works as incense aromatherapy making you feel rejuvenated at the end of the day. So, Only the best aromatherapy fragrances would promise peace of mind or relaxation of the mind and body just like Bizarro. Furthermore, The Bizarro incense comes in three pack variants, depending on your requirement; 3.5 grams, 10 grams and 15 grams. In addition, Even the packaging is very bright and vibrant, with shades of purple and yellow, with Bizarro written on it in a very bizarre style.

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5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 50g, 100g


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