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Buy GHB Online. GHB or Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (C4H8O3) is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant that is

commonly referred to as a “club drug” or “date rape” drug.  GHB is abused by teens and young adults at

bars, parties, clubs and “raves” (all night dance parties), and is often placed in alcoholic beverages.

Euphoria, increased sex drive, and tranquility are reported positive effects of GHB abuse.  Negative

effects may include sweating, loss of consciousness, nausea, hallucinations, amnesia, and coma, among

other side effects. The sodium salt of GHB, the brand product Xyrem (sodium oxybate), is a Schedule III

drug when prescribed and used legally in a patient restricted-access program. You can purchase GHB

online from our online shop with worrying about your privacy or security because we are very discreet in

all our operations and implore low cost discreet international shipping.

Here at Research Chemicals Laboratories, you do not need a prescription to Order GHB Online.  Just go

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16 Oz bottle, 1 Gallon

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