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Buy Patchouli Wax-Melts Nuggets. Classic incense & perfume scent. Patchouli (called Patch to friends and fans) has been a popular fragrance for generations. This fragrance blend does contain a wee bit of natural essential oil, which is probably why it smells so wonderfully true to life. Funky brownish color…way cool, man.

Patchouli Wax Melts, Nuggets are my strongly scented wax melts. I’ve been making these for years to rave reviews. If you’ve tried some that just don’t scent, or don’t melt down or just don’t satisfy you, please try mine. Quality that equals, if not exceeds those national brands, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Do keep in mind one fact…wax can only hold ‘so much’ fragrance oil. Add too much and it seeps out. And that’s not pretty. Want an even stronger fragrance? If you purchase the same scent in my Refresher Oil, you can add a couple of drops to melted wax and really OOOMPH up the fragrance.

Just give the melts a try (as they are) because they may be perfect for you without anything else. Most people think so. But, from time to time, I do get a message about making this scent a little bit stronger. Wish I could but I pour every scent at the max load. More questions? Ask away, I’m always happy to help you make the best choice for you.

Where to Buy Herbal Incense Online like Patchouli Wax Melts, Nuggets?

Your choice of two sizes! My classic 2oz per clamshell. Or my new ‘mega melts’ (5oz). Each ships for the same price, too! Choose the classic size to either try out a new fragrance, or if you use one of the smaller ‘wall plug’ melters.
Choose the mega size to get even more for less!

Note that while I keep the classic size in stock, I do pour the mega size to your order.

Wax melts are the perfect way to fragrance your world without flame or soot! These are strong melts, containing as much fragrance as I can get into the wax! Wax, after all, will only hold ‘so much’ before the oil seeps out. I get my melts to ‘that’ point…as strong as possible, but still convenient.

Patchouli Wax Melts, Nuggets for Sale online

Note: the featured photos are of the new color. For years, I made this scent in a brownish red color, but honestly, it was so similar to my Dragon’s Blood fragrance… One day, by pure accident, I put purple colorant in with the brown, rather than the usual red. And the resulting smoky purple color was just amazing. Purple is one of the few colors that just isn’t easy to capture for photography. This is a definite brownish purple color, just so you know. Same amazing scent.

Wax melts (tarts) are super scented. They are a great way to add fragrance without burning or soot. Great for places where burning a candle isn’t feasible. Definitely do watch these around small kids and pets! The melted wax is hot (ever have a paraffin wax manicure…hot but cools very fast when away from heat source) but can still make a mess. Keep them in a UL approved melter and in a safe place out of reach of curious fingers or paws.

If you want to buy Patchouli Wax Melts, Nuggets online then we are reliable and proficient when comes to products. We offer worthy customer service as well as would ensure that you get proper service whenever required. All our products are affordable and you can depend on us for that! This effective Herbal Incense is well-packed and you can easily buy Patchouli Wax Melts, Nuggets online anytime at our onlineshop.

So, if you are looking to buy Patchouli Wax Melts, Nuggets online or want to know where to buy Patchouli Wax Melts, Nuggets online then Trippy Psych House is the best place to buy!

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