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There are actually not less than five distinct blends known as “Kush”. They can’t be considered knock-offs of just one brand given that they all have distinct wrapping plus its evident that there is no intentions to duplicate one another.



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Buy Space Cadet Flight  , Flight Risk is a Top Shelf Choice Potpourri by Secret Blunt, and is their #1 most potent blend. If you like Space Cadet, and Blast Off, you will LOVE the Flight Risk. This aroma is made up of very high quality herbs and Botanical extracts. The Herbs are fresh, soft, and imported from Latin American Rainforests.

The aroma lasts for approx 3-7 hours. This Blend is 100x the strength of Space Cadet! Remarkable steal for the price!! “K2” was sold in a good deal of stores throughout the United States. People are changing though since it is too pricey and, despite the fact that it has some excellent effects, it doesn’t last long enough (less than a half hour) and the potency is nowhere around some of the most recent brands.

The new, legal alternatives of k2 are not like the quality of the original.  Spice” has turn out to be synonymous with herbal incense, and is truly the preferred term in some states. The actual look and feel of “Spice” is also inferior to all of the other products in these reviews.

The Space Cadet products are top quality blends which are manufactured by Captain Herbal of Houston and L . A . and are in no way in connection with the blends marketed by Space of New York City. Captain Herbal manufactures all three of these blends, and they strive for the most effective quality in all of their blends and services.

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