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Ozempic (Semaglutide) is an injectable medication used to help adults with type 2 diabetes control high blood sugar, avoid cardiovascular risks such as heart attack and stroke, and lose weight. Although it holds similar functionality as insulin pens, Ozempic is not a insulin medication. Please do not use this medication to mimic any insulin management used by vials or Kwikpens.

What dosage should I take?
Semaglutide (Ozempic) is available in 3 different dosages: 0.25, 0.5 and 1mg. The doses can be differentiated based on the colour label of the pen.

0.25mg – grey-label pen
0.5mg – red-label pen
1mg – blue-label pen
For weight loss, the starting dose is 0.25mg.

Once you are stable on that dose for 4 weeks, it can then be increased to the 0.5mg dose. You can then be prescribed the 1mg dose after 4 weeks of being stable on the 0.5mg dose. Only some people need the 1mg dose, some may only require a 0.5mg maintenance dose.

How do I change from Ozempic to Wegovy?

If you’re transitioning from Ozempic to Wegovy, you will need to know what dose to take. Up until 1mg, the doses are identical. For instance, if you are currently taking the 0.25mg Ozempic pen, you can switch to the 0.25mg Wegovy pen or go up to the 0.5mg if you have finished the 4-week course.

How do I administer Ozempic?

Semaglutide should be administered once weekly, preferably on the same day and time each week. However, if you have to change the day you take it, you can as long as your last dose was at least 2 days prior. You can inject it at any time of day, regardless of meals.

Where to inject Ozempic

When using Semaglutide, inject it into your thighs, lower belly, or upper arm. Make sure to change where you inject each time so that your skin does not get irritated.

How to inject an Ozempic pen

A short guide on how to inject it is as follows:

Prepare the pen and needle
check the name and label
check the colour of the solution is clear, not cloudy
take a new needle.


Check the flow
turn the dose selector until the dose counter shows the flow check symbol
hold the pen with the needle pointing up, and press and hold the dose button until the dose counter returns to 0
a drop of solution should appear at the needle tip.
Check the flow
Select the dose
turn the dose counter until the dose counter stops and shows 0.25mg, 0.5mg or 1mg (depending on the dose you require)
Select the dose
Inject the dose
insert the needle into your skin and press and hold down the dose button until it shows 0
you may hear or feel a click. Keep the needle in and count slowly to 6 before removing so you get the full dose.

What should I do if I forget to take my Ozempic?

What you need to do will depend on how long it has been since your last dose. If it has been less than 5 days, take the missed dose as soon as you remember. Take your next dose at your normal time. If it has been 5 days or more, do not take the missed dose. Skip it and take your next dose at the usual time.
If you have missed 2 or more consecutive doses (at least 14 days), you can resume the dosing schedule or return to the lowest dose if needed.

Do not take a double dose of Semaglutide. Too much Semaglutide can cause dangerously low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia). It will not improve your weight loss efforts.

How do I store Ozempic pens?

An unopened Ozempic pen must be kept in the refrigerator between 2°C – 8°C. Your pen will be delivered in insulated packaging to ensure it stays cold. Once opened, you can keep the pen in the refrigerator or temperatures below 30°C. Keep your pens away from a direct light source and keep the lid on the pen.


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